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Budget Resources

Budget Resources have been moved to the Standard Budget Ledger (SBL) Resources page. Click image below to view the page.

Standard Budget Ledger Resources

Crosswalk Tables

Enhanced Departmental Authorization List (DAL)

Journal Resources

The files below should be downloaded to your local drive and not be opened directly from your browser. Creating spreadsheet journal entries requires the following two files to be in the same directory, preferably in a folder on the C:\ drive of your computer. The first file, UCF JournalTemplate Prod.xlsm, is the control page you use to create and maintain journal sheets. The Journal Template Excel Add-in is for creating and importing journal lines and headers.

To download, RIGHT CLICK on each link and click on Save Target As:

File Name Description
UCF JournalTemplate Prod.xlsm Updated - 10/4/16 Journal Workbook Template
Jrnlmcro.xlam New - 9/29/16 Journal Template Excel Add-in

Online Documentation
  • Addy Notes/Addy Tips
    Addy Notes contain a series of step-by-step instructions designed to help Financials users accomplish common tasks in UCF Financials. Addy Tips, which are also located on the Addy Note page, provide users with background information about common reports and processes in UCF Financials.
  • Chart of Accounts
    This resource provides an overview of UCF's Chart of Accounts. UCF uses six ChartFields to classify and group accounting transactions into logical tables of information.
  • UCF Financials Glossary Updated 9/7/16


File Name Description
DrillToPIA.xla Excel macro
  • Reconciliation Tools Guide
    The Reconciliation Tools Guide consists of five information sources that explain many of the reports available in UCF Financials. This resource contains tips about understanding the data from the sources and provides suggestions for selecting criteria when running reports.
  • Using the UCF Financials DataMart (Addy Note)


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