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Menu Favorites and Favorite Queries After the UCF Financials Upgrade

Q: Will my menu Favorites be saved after the upgrade?
A: Any Favorites that you saved prior to the time the FSS last took a “snapshot” of UCF Financials will still be there on Monday, October 3. That snapshot is approximately one year old, so any Favorites you created after that will be lost. We suggest taking a screen shot of your menu Favorites before Friday, September 29. When the system comes up on Monday, you will be able to compare your screen shot with your Favorites, and rebuild any that were lost.

Q: I’ve used the Personalization link to move fields to a different order on some of my pages in UCF Financials. Will those Personalizations remain after the upgrade?
A: They will not. See suggestion above to take a screen shot of any page personalization you’ve made. You will need to use the Personalization link again after the upgrade is complete to make the pages your own.

Q: I have one or more favorite queries that I use frequently. Will these remain in my Favorite Queries list after the upgrade?
A: Yes.  

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