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Using PeopleSoft Test Framework within UCF Financials

John Gyory

In October 2016, Financials Support Services (FSS) team member John Gyory participated in the PeopleSoft Test Framework online webinar for the Quest International Users Group Education Day. During his presentation, John talked about how he uses Test Framework to automate testing and develop test scripts within PeopleSoft. PeopleSoft Test Framework is a tool that records and autonomously plays back users’ common tasks in the Financials system. Though it is still in the beginning stages, John has designed the tests to query the database for valid values that can be used in the test scripts. This expands the ability to test for various scenarios of possible data inputs, while minimizing the maintenance of hardcoded data values in the test scripts.

John is working to help FSS utilize this automation tool for supplemental testing in addition to manual testing of the application. His goal is to run substantial batches of automated tests when there are new updates to the system, to ensure core functionality has not been impacted. Ultimately, John is expecting to have a large library consisting of individual scripts that replicate users’ daily tasks. The scripts will pull valid data from the database to create unique data each time the tests are run, which will allow for sizable sets of scenarios to be tested and reviewed.

John has been asked to do a second presentation at the Quest Collaborate Conference on April 2-6 in Las Vegas, where he plans to share his expertise in the testing process and the results generated from the process.


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