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Picture Financials Support Services (FSS), a section of Finance and Accounting, supports approximately 1,000 users of the UCF Financials system. FSS has developed a variety of means by which users can request and obtain assistance:


Online Documentation
FSS offers several different types of online documentation to assist users in performing common job tasks in UCF Financials:

Addy Notes Addy Notes are designed to help users accomplish common tasks in UCF Financials.

Addy NotesAddy Tips provide users background information about common reports and processes in UCF Financials, such as which reports are appropriate to answer a given reporting question.

UCF Financials Service Desk
Help Desk UCF Financials users have access to live support through the UCF Financials Service Desk from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. every business day. Users are encouraged to call for assistance in performing any kind of task associated with UCF Financials and especially to report any unusual system behavior. Calls are logged and tracked in order to offer improved training and system performance.

To reach the Financials Service Desk, dial 407-823-5117, and press 6.

Email Users with issues that may require additional research to resolve are encouraged to send the details in an e-mail message to The e-mail should describe the nature of the problem, as well as any error messages relayed by the system. A member of the FSS team will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

WebCT Copy To support the UCF Financials’ training requirements, Financials Support Services developed a comprehensive training program that includes both online courses (available through Webcourses@UCF) and instructor-led training courses.

Financials training is required before a user is granted access to the UCF Financials system. The online courses, which are prerequisites for accessing the Financials system and for the instructor-led training courses, are available to a broad group of employees. These employees perform such tasks as viewing budgets, preparing requisitions, and checking the status of purchase orders. For employees who use the Financials system more intensively, instructor-led courses are available. Every six months FSS publishes a new schedule of upcoming instructor-led courses.

Additional course offerings, in both online and instructor-led varieties, will be developed in response to future upgrades and additions to the UCF Financials system.

Click here to access the full menu of UCF Financials training opportunities.

In addition to these primary means of support, the FSS team has developed additional Helpful Resources for users.

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