FSC113 Red Flags ID Theft Protection

Course Preview

Instructor Contact

Instructor:      Mark Wray

Office:             RP-340

Phone:            407-882-1202

E-mail:            fntrain@ucf.edu

Course Description

In this self-paced, online training course, FSC113, Red Flags ID Theft Prevention, you will learn how to identify and detect warning signs (or "Red Flags") that signal possible identity theft. Should you encounter a Red Flag, the course will teach you how to respond appropriately to prevent and mitigate the identity theft.

The course will do the following:

* Explain the Red Flags Rule as it applies to the University of Central Florida

* Tell how to identify Red Flags, such as suspicious documents or unusual account activities

* Teach you how to detect any Red Flags that you may encounter in your day-to-day business activities

* List steps you can take to help prevent and mitigate identity theft

Training Guide

A PDF file of the optional training guide for this course is available to help you. After you have received access to the course, you will find a link to download the guide on the course home page.


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